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Produktnummer: 9783254080028
Verlag: Atlantis Musikbuch-Verlag
ISBN: 978-3-254-08002-8
Erscheinungsdatum: 21.01.1997
Produktinformationen "Carmen"
  • Atlantis Musikbuch-Verlag
  • 978-3-254-08002-8
  • 21.01.1997
  • 120 x 190 (B/H)
  • 332
  • Serie Musik, Opern der Welt
  • fre
  • Originalausgabe, 6. Auflage 2005
  • 352 Seiten
  • 7 %

  • Based on the subject of the eponymous novella by Prosper Mérimée, 'Carmen' is George Bizet's last work. The composer died a few weeks after the unsuccessful world premiere in Paris on 3 March 1875. To the opera-lover of today, it is inconceivable that this work with its numerous wonderful 'Spanish' melodies and rhythms – developed by Bizet virtually 'from afar' as he had never travelled through Spain – could ever be a failure. Over the course of time, however, 'Carmen' has become one of the most popular and most frequently played operas long since.Apart from the libretto, this edition contains introductory commentaries of Kurt Pahlen who also adds information on the compositional structure and context to the musical as well as external and internal dramatic action of the opera. A short synopsis and a brief outline of the genesis bring the work into relation with the composer's entire oeuvre and life, thus offering a comprehensive, richly illustrated introduction.
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