Robin Hood

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Produktnummer: 9783125011199
Verlag: Delta Publishing by Klett
Author: Fermer, David
ISBN: 978-3-12-501119-9
Erscheinungsdatum: 24.06.2019
Produktinformationen "Robin Hood"
  • Delta Publishing by Klett
  • Fermer, David
  • 978-3-12-501119-9
  • 24.06.2019
  • 128 x 4 x 199 (B/T/H)
  • 84
  • DELTA Graphic Readers, DELTA Readers: History
  • englisch
  • 6. Schuljahr,7. Schuljahr,8. Schuljahr,2. Lernjahr,3. Lernjahr
  • 48 Seiten
  • 7 %

  • Times are difficult and Robin Hood is forced to live as an outlaw in Sherwood Forest. He and a loyal group of followers decide to take revenge on those who are richer and more powerful. With bravery and daring Robin fights to make life fairer for the poor and becomes one of the most legendary heroes of all, even when he is in danger of losing it all …

    Hauptlesemotive: Verstehen
    Produktart: Taschenbuch
    Produktform: Taschenbuch

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