Eventdesign Jahrbuch 2021 / 2022

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Produktnummer: 9783899863512
Verlag: avedition
Author: Stein, Katharina
ISBN: 978-3-89986-351-2
Erscheinungsdatum: 12.07.2021

Produktinformationen "Eventdesign Jahrbuch 2021 / 2022"
  • avedition
  • Stein, Katharina
  • 978-3-89986-351-2
  • 12.07.2021
  • 230 x 310 (B/H)
  • 1213
  • mit Klappen
  • englisch
  • 1
  • 208 Seiten
  • 7 %

  • For over a year, the coronavirus has been holding us in its grip. Live events and brand experiences are either not possible at all or only with significant restrictions. The consequences and problems for the industry are enormous. But alongside this, it enabled us to learn a lot, surprise us and fascinate us with new ideas. Digital and hybrid experiences have developed dynamically, initiating new and creative approaches that are to perfected over the forthcoming years. An exceptional year that is summarised with a Special Edition. This edition builds bridges between events before and since the coronavirus, between analogue, hybrid and digital events.
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